MORPH2018 (Call for Host Institutions)


As autumn arrives we again invite institutions to host the next iteration of the MORPH series, MORPH2018.

MORPH2018 will be the fourth annual conference on archaeological morphometrics, building on from the successes of Southampton, London and Aarhus. With every year, we continue to grow with more people becoming interested in the application of geometric morphometric methodologies within archaeological frameworks.

If you and your institution are interested in hosting MORPH2018 then please contact for further information. All applications will be judged through an external scientific committee made up of both archaeologists and morphometricians.


MORPH2017 Abstract Deadline!


The MORPH2017 Call for Papers ends tomorrow (Friday 17th March)! This conference provides a great forum to discuss and present your geometric morphometric work to other similarly-interested people! Whether it is landmark, outline, surface, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, program-based or theory based we want to hear about it!

More information about the Call for Papers can be found on the MORPH2017 website (


MORPH2017 (Aarhus): Website and CfP


The MORPH2017 website is now active! You can find out more information on Information includes events occurring alongside the conference and their submission for oral and poster presentations. We encourage all researchers interested in the application of geometric morphometric methodologies within archaeological analysis to come present their research among a friendly, enthusiastic research environment. Come learn about the different morphometric software used, novel recording techniques, and the latest advances in archaeological shape research.

And while you are here why not have a look around the Moesgaard Museum (MOMU) or explore Moesgaard beach, both located in the beautiful setting of the Moesgaard Skov (Moesgaard Forest).

There is also another MORPH in Aarhus during May too, if you really have a love of MORPH…


Hope to see you there! (at the archaeology MORPH, that is!)

^C. & S.

Save the Date! #MORPH2017 #Aarhus



We are pleased to announce that the next MORPH conference (MORPH2017) will be held at Aarhus University, Denmark, from the 4th-5th May. The Department of Archaeology at Aarhus University boasts a strong tradition of quantitative analyses, and as European Culture Capital for 2017 provides the ideal backdrop for a fantastic conference! More details, including a Call for Papers, registration and workshop details will follow shortly.

Vi ses til MORPH2017!

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Registration of Interest: Morph2017


Following the recent success of Morph2016 at University College London and the Natural History Museum, and its successful beginnings in Southampton last year, a clear appetite for a conference dedicated to archaeological morphometrics has been illustrated.

We are now in a position to advertise the ‘registration of interest’ for institutions wishing to host Morph2017.

Deadline for interest: Friday 30th September 2016 (17:00)

We hope that the conference builds on from its previous successes, and following consultation with other universities, and experts in archaeological morphometrics, we recommend that the conference aims to:

  • Be structured as a two/three day conference, held around May 2017, with workshops, presentations and roundtable discussions integrated throughout, focusing on a variety of topics pertaining to the application, analysis, and examination of traditional and geometric morphometric methodologies within archaeological and anthropological analyses;
  • Be divided into distinct sessions, by theme, method, or practice, led by external session chairs;
  • Continue with the ethos exemplified by the previous two conferences.

We welcome applications from bodies and institutions inside and outside of the UK, as we aim for this conference to branch out to, create, and strenghten networks overseas.

If you are interested in hosting Morph2017 please send roughly 200-300 words detailing your interest to

Please do share this (and its poster form – Registration of Interest), as we really do hope to continue building a community of archaeologists and anthropologists interested in using both traditional and geometric morphometrics.

And finally, no post would be complete without an appropriate GIF!

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Its back.gif
That moment when you hear about Morph2017… (source: GIPHY)


Morph2016 Workshop: photos

Following the success of Morph2016 last week, below are some of the photographs taken throughout the Morph2016 Workshop. As you can see, it was a great success and we look forward to planning further such workshops!

A big thank you to Prof. Norman MacLeod, The Natural History Museum, the Morph2016 Committee, and all those that attended the workshop! We’ve received excellent feedback, with everyone feeling more confident in utilising GM approaches, and will reflect on such when we organise our next workshop.

More information about both the workshop and the conference will be uploaded over the next week!

^C. & S.


Feedback and the workshop!


Firstly can we thank you for the kind words we have received about our PCA blog post at the weekend. If there any techniques you would like to cover, or if you would like to do a guest-post, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We still have a handful of tickets left for our Morph2016 workshop next Wednesday. We were notified during the week that the Eventbrite closed prematurely, this has since been fixed. Tickets can be found here: – Did we mention it will be at The Natural History Museum!?

Registration deadline for the workshop coincides with the end of registration for the conference itself: Friday 20th May (17:00). Following this deadline we will forward on logistics and details about the day to all those that are attending.

^C. & S.