Call for speakers: “Extracting Meaning from Metrics…” (TAG2015)

On the 14-16th December 2015, yours truly at ArchaeoMorph will be chairing a session at the annual Theoretical Archaeology Group, in Bradford, UK. Titled “Extracting Meaning from Metrics…” this session looks beyond just the methodology, but the critical thinking and reasoning behind the analysis of our data. What does it mean when we can identify distinct groups in the data? To what extent can statistical significance mean archaeological significance? And does variability in shape mean something important archaeologically?

The theoretical frameworks which underpin our understanding of our analyses are just as crucial as the methodologies which we choose, and is often misrepresented in literature and at conferences. It is this we wish to discuss at TAG2015.

For our session aims, and more information about TAG2015, please see or their twitter @tag_bradford.

If you are interested in presenting in our session contact us via the “About the Authors” page.

The deadline is 29 days away (November 2nd)…

(Courtesy of
(Courtesy of


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