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Over the next few months (i.e. for the foreseeable future) both of us here at ArchaeoMorph will be hosting a series of internal statistical support sessions, here at the University of Southampton (Department of Archaeology), specifically aimed towards archaeologists of all years, covering everything from arithmetic means to canonical variates.

We will advertise all support sessions over this, and the Twittersphere, including dates of our drop-in data cafe sessions, and our program workshop days.

All are invited! For those who are unable to make it to these sessions: fret not! We will upload all our PowerPoint presentations to our ArchaeoMorph forum, including archaeological datasets we will use.

Today we hosted our first session (thank you to all those that attended!), providing a general introduction to statistics for archaeologists including: 1) hypothesis construction, independent/dependent variables, graphical representations of data and descriptives (dispersion, shape, central tendency). This IS now live on the forum.

Stay tuned!

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Good news ! (JAS and Morph2016)

Good news shape-lovers!

Following the success of Morph2015 we can announce that our special issue proposal for the Journal of Archaeological Science has been accepted. Titled ‘Deriving meaning from metrics: examining geometric morphometric frameworks within archaeological analyses‘ the edited volume will provide a review of how archaeologists are using geometric morphometric methodologies, and most importantly, the future of the methods within various sub-categories of archaeology.

Guidelines for authors will be forwarded on this week; if this is something you would like to contribute to then please contact us ASAP with a working title, and an abstract (

Also, have you heard about Morph2016!?

The second Morph conference ‘Morph2016: Morphometric Applications in Archaeology and Anthropology’ will be held on the 26th May 2016, and hosted by those amazing shape-lovers at University College London. More details including the CfP and registration can be found here: and their Twitter and Eventbrite pages (@Morph2016 , Eventbrite). In conjunction with the conference we will be hosting a one-day workshop (woohoo!) with Prof. Norman MacLeod in the Natural History Museum (more details to follow this week!). We know how much effort team UCL are investing into MORPH2016 so please do support your fellow shape-lovers!

I’m sure you’ll agree with us that this is an exciting time for studies involving geometric morphometrics within archaeology.


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Our own version of this will follow shortly… (

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