Statistical Support Group for Archaeologists


Over the next few months (i.e. for the foreseeable future) both of us here at ArchaeoMorph will be hosting a series of internal statistical support sessions, here at the University of Southampton (Department of Archaeology), specifically aimed towards archaeologists of all years, covering everything from arithmetic means to canonical variates.

We will advertise all support sessions over this, and the Twittersphere, including dates of our drop-in data cafe sessions, and our program workshop days.

All are invited! For those who are unable to make it to these sessions: fret not! We will upload all our PowerPoint presentations to our ArchaeoMorph forum, including archaeological datasets we will use.

Today we hosted our first session (thank you to all those that attended!), providing a general introduction to statistics for archaeologists including: 1) hypothesis construction, independent/dependent variables, graphical representations of data and descriptives (dispersion, shape, central tendency). This IS now live on the forum.

Stay tuned!

^C & S

Navigating the bridge of archaeology together…



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