About the Authors


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For any queries on advertising forthcoming morphometric events, or more information, please contact:

C.Hoggard@soton.ac.uk (Christian Hoggard)
S.Y.Stark@soton.ac.uk (Sarah Stark)

About the authors:

Christian Hoggard (C.Hoggard@soton.ac.uk)

Christian is a final year PhD Archaeology candidate based in the Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins, at the University of Southampton. His research focuses on Neanderthal behaviour, specifically the use of technological blade strategies in north-west Europe. Through traditional (lineal measurements) and geometric (primarily 2D outline-based) methods Christian is investigating why Levallois and Laminar technological blade strategies were utilised, in isolation and in conjunction, and differences in their shape and form.

Christian is also aiding projects which use outline-based analyses, including: a) differences in the basal concavities of Clovis Points, b) handaxe shape throughout the Lower Palaeolithic, and c) the influence of teaching ability in handaxe shape.

He is also a fan of BBC Radio 4, watching Anime, and making bread.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/CSHoggard
Academia.edu: https://southampton.academia.edu/ChristianHoggard

Sarah Stark (S.Y.Stark@soton.ac.uk)

Sarah Stark is in the second year of her PhD in Osteology at the University of Southampton. Her research addresses the question ‘What is the Shape of Childhood?’. She is interested in the developmental morphology of the human skeleton and how factors such as movement, nutrition, and environment, leave their own unique impressions on the skeleton.

Sarah is an avid subscriber to Star Talk Radio, crafting, and ballet dancing.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sarah_Stark87              Academia.edu: https://soton.academia.edu/sarahstark      Pathbrite: https://pathbrite.com/stark_s/profile

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